Autograph Book

I have been searching for an autograph book that I had with me at the hospital. I just found it! The sheets that are dated are from July and August of 1958. People who signed it are patients, nurses, physio

E-mail excerpts

Following are E-mail excerpts from the past few years.  I thought they may be interesting.  From: H Hershey   My experience at E-town did have quite an impact and was a major factor in my eventually going to school for physical

Wehr, Gary

Hi Glenn, Hope that this email finds you well. I have attached some photos from the late 50’s from the hospital. I tried to include ones that show other patients. Perhaps someone will recognize them. The first one, I’m the

Henry, Glenn Etown 1966-69

“Take him home, buy him a television and wait for him to die” was told to my father December 1968. On July 10, 1966 a swimming accident left me a C-5/6 quadriplegic.

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