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114 comments on “Just Chat
  1. Glenn Henry says:

    Today,one day closer to eternity, but one day closer to having this website set the way I envisioned it. Yes, there will be minor changes, maybe even some major ones, depending on how many times I goofed.

    I am not very familiar with the “backend” of a forum, so it is to be seen how things progress. One other addition is the “Gravatar” or little profile “mystery man” that appears with the posts. I will be working on that segment very soon. Keep looking for it.

    For now, keep posting, commenting and let’s hear some stories out there. Like the one I will be leaving on Wards 14 & 16 about the poor nurses.

    Get crackin’

  2. malinda says:

    I am new to this site, I just wanted to say I was a patient here from 1967 to 1970 off & on. I had to go back every year for checkups until I was 18 until 1982. I was born with congenital hip problems had several operations and had to stay for PT . My family lived about 2 and 1/2 hours away. So I only had visitors on weekends mostly. I don’t remember people so much , but do remember the building. Watching the Wizard of OZ- to this day can’t watch that movie , I was scared to death of it ! lol



  3. admin says:

    As the body grows older it also grows weaker. yet, God has brought me through one more crisis in my life. After arriving at the emergency room I had something happen for the first time. Each time I’ve been taken to the ER room I have been asked about a living will. This time, after giving the answer they placed a bracelet on my wrist. The first 30 seconds I had a really bad feeling, but in about 30 seconds I had a peace come over me. I knew where I was going, knew my wife would be OK and I knew all my projects that I have in progress meant nothing. It was a total peace.

    well, I’m still here and all the irons in the fire are still there, including this web site. I’m apologizing for the delay, after several months of health issues I’m getting back to the completion of this site.

    Enough said, now I’ve got to get crackin.


    • Barbara Ranck Neral says:

      God Bless you Glenn! God is not finished with you yet! I wish you and your family and all of our friends on your site a very Happy and Blessed Easter!

    • Gary Wehr says:

      Glenn, so good to hear that you’re ready to get crackin! The Lord does work in wondrous ways. Thank you again for all the time and hard work that you put into this website. You are a wonder! I wish you and all my E-town friends a very Happy Easter.

  4. Connie Sherman Forbes says:

    Hi Barbara, I was a patient in E-town in 1953 to 1955. My memory is not very good but I believe I should know you. Do you remember Libby Sully? Libby and I stayed friends all these years. We spent alot of time together. Libby passed away this past Sept.I have alot of pictures that I will get copies made and send them to Glenn if he would like them. I do not remember alot of names but afew.- Lynne Green,Bob Butler,Carol Baily,Irene Jones,—that is all I can remember at the moment. Take Care, Connie Sherman

  5. Jim Bryson says:

    Barbara Ranck Neral,

    Martha Dohner, I knew the face, not the name, thanks. Mildred Laux, Mrs. Lokey, Miss Bucher, Miss Bushong. You know the names AND the nursing school caps. Could you send me your picture of Scott Copenhaver. He’s said my name is familiar too, but I can’t ‘see’ him. orbnys@gmail.com

  6. Jim Bryson says:

    I was 10 yrs. old in 1963. These random recollections are from that decade. I also remember Mrs. Gipe & the clop-clop sound of her walking in the ward. I think she had flat feet.; Danny an orderly, with thinning comb-over dark hair who had kind of a swagger when he’d take me to PT.; the smell of Cocoa Butter rubbed on new surgery scars.; twin red-haired doctors named McKenzie (sp?), one died in the Vietnam war.; Dr. Tom Outland always wore plastic gloves on rounds. He may have had psoriasis; the sound & steam of the sterilizing autoclave; the black & white pinwheel I saw & the loud buzzing sound as they put me under with Ether; anti-nausea drugs, post-op, to counter the effects of ether.; The IV board attached to my arm & needle bruises.; Darvon & Demerol; a Kodak Instamatic camera with flash cubes; Karen Kennedy would visit her older sister Deb (scoliosis) then visit me. They were from Mechanicsburg, PA.; a kid named Duffy whose arms were very short from a birth defect.; a PT, Rosie, was in a wheelchair.; another PT, who once played for the (then) Los Angeles Rams football team, appeared to have shoulders 4 ft. wide. Mr. Masitis (sp?); Racing RC slot cars in the auditorium.; Sonny & Cher, The Smothers Brothers & Ed Sullivan TV shows. What were the names of the two nursing administrators? One was very stern & direct, the other was thin & quiet.

  7. tom dreher says:

    Hi GLENN!
    I’m not sure you remember me, but I remember you. Do you remember the great adventure of riding the elevator to the basement to look for the bodies down here? getting caught, and having thr Sate Police come in to talk to us. Henry Hershy, you, me and I can’t remember the other guy. Only one of the crazy things we did.

    • Barbara Ranck Neral says:

      I know I’m replying to the wrong person, but couldn’t figure out how to get on here. Thanks, I believe the spelling is Silvius – and that’s her. Jim, you’re right – 2nd from the left is Kitty Kleinbauer. She died some time ago and the person on the right in the striped dress was Martha Dohner. She was the principal of their school. Jim has a lot of vivid memories, too. Cocoa Butter – gosh that was all over the place and something I had forgotten. Sometimes I smell a nail polisher remover I use and it smells like ether – takes me right back to ward 20 and the OR.

      • Barbara Ranck Neral says:

        Meant to comment on the nurse supervisors. I left in 1958, but I know Mildred Laux was there for a long time after. She was tall and thin. I liked her. She wore a cap from the Polyclinic Hosp. Mrs. Lokey wore a Lancaster General cap. Miss Bucher is in that picture we were talking about. Believe she was St, Joe’s. Another supervisor in the 50′s was Miss Bushong – big and tough I always thought. But, she was very sweet to us on wd. 20.

  8. Barbara Ranck Neral says:

    Scott Copenhaver – Are you on Facebook or if you are willing to give me your e-mail address, I have a picture of you in Physio Therapy.

  9. scootercpm says:

    Hello Glenn, I just found this website after my mother found an article about it in the Lebanon Daily News recently. You probably don’t remember me but I remember you as a wardmate in the 60′s. My name is Scott Copenhaver and I spent approximately 4 years of my youth in the Etown Hospital between the 50′s and 60′s getting surgeries for Polio. I hope to catch up on all the previous posts and refresh my memory. I don’t remember many names but I am sure other posters will help to jog my memory.
    Scott Copenhaver

    • Glenn Henry says:

      Hi Scott,

      As you have just started on the sight, FYI, I’m behind schedule
      in getting some aspects of the site completed. I’m working on it,
      just too many irons in the fire and a few health issues.

      Keep talking, hopefully others can reconnect.

      Glenn Henry

  10. Jim Bryson says:

    Gary Wehr,

    Thanks for the finding the PPS contact info & hospital in Reading. I’ll look into it.

  11. Gary Wehr says:

    Barbara Ranck Neral: I have not forgotten your question regarding Veronica Starzetski. I personally do not know her but I have been doing some research. I have discovered a girl by that name who graduated from Cass Township High School in 1959. That is in the Pottsville area. Her married name is Hoepstine. I discovered a Veronica Hoepstine living in Gilbertsville, PA. She would be 73 today. Does that sound right? I have made calls to other graduates from Cass Township in order to get her phone number. So far, no luck. I will update you as I get more information on her. Take care.

  12. Gary Wehr says:

    I have been searching for an autograph book that I had with me at the hospital. I just found it! The sheets that are dated are from July and August of 1958. People who signed it are patients, nurses, physio personnel, and, I think, a doctor. I am listing all of the names in the book in case you remember them, or they spur your memory. I think that some may have already been mentioned in your posts. The autographs include: Gary H.; Stanley; R. Wardrop; Miss E.C. Ruhl R.N.; Mrs. B. Johns; Ralph Topper; Miss Caplinger; Miss Weaver; Mrs. Sweitzer; Miss Sara Sipple; Miss Musser; Dorothy M. Davis RPT; Miss Joan Shoop; Ronald; E. Reickert RPT; Mrs. Heim; Leona Cannon RPT; Walt; Mrs. Thome; Mrs. C. Floyd; Miss Huit? (hard to read). I may be off a letter here and there, some of the signatures were hard to read. I did my best. It was fun reading what they all had to say. I’ll treasure it forever. If any of these names means something to you, please let me know.

    • rtopper says:

      Gary, it is interesting how things happen, I was waiting for my wife at the local Weis market at Gap, Pa and saw this young Amish girl who appeared to have club feet and thought about my stay at Elizabethtown from December 3, 1957- December 20, 1958 for the same condition. I am the Ralph Topper who signed your autograph book back then. I always wondered if there was any info on the hospital available and sure enough here we are. There was one other name I remember, last name Saylor but can’t remember the first name and a nurse who was really nice to me but can’t remember her name.

  13. Barbara Ranck Neral says:

    Hi Jim Bryson,
    I knew your neighborhood well. Makes me homesick. I grew up on Pearl St. right across Columbia Ave. from College Ave. Used to walk up College, down W. Chestnut, over Nevin St . to Sacred Heart School. I got polio on Aug. 29th and altho’ I could barely move a thing, and was “sick as a dog”, I was sure I was going to be well enough to start 8th grade there. Call it naïve – whatever! That never happened! When I got married, we lived on Lancaster Ave. Do you still live in Lancaster? I guess being at the hospital so long makes me feel close to all of you here. Kind of a kinship you can’t really share with others who were not part of the “experience”. Glad you like the book. So do I. No one from E’town in there, but I am there in the stories of others.

    • Jim Bryson says:

      Hi Barbara Ranck Neral,
      Do you remember Getz’s store on the corner of Chestnut & Pine Sts.? Great candy: Nonpareils, Pixy Stix, & Bazooka Bubble Gum with the comic. It’s amazing I still have my teeth. I’m still in Lancaster.

      • Barbara Ranck Neral says:

        Hi Jim,
        Just saw this post. I do remember that store. Used to buy rock candy there – clear chunk with something like dental floss running through it. Ha! Must’ve been all sugar. One thing I miss from the area was a steak sandwich from Zangaris That was a very long time ago, but I still remember the taste.

    • Glenn Henry says:

      A belated Merry Christmas Barb.

  14. Jann says:

    My brother sent me the info on this website. I was at E-town from October 1953 (transferred from Lancaster General) to about August 1954. I had Polio and was almost 6 years old at the time. I do have quite a few B&W pictures from E-town that I will have to get scanned to share with everyone. I cannot identify anyone other than myself and my relatives, but maybe others can. Someone mentioned Stanley Solodky. I have info on him from his sister. He died in 2005, I believe. I got to talk to him on the phone before he got so sick, but never got to visit him in Lancaster before he died. I did get to one Reunion at Long’s Park (probably the last one they had as I never heard of anyone having another one). I have some pictures on an old webpage, but don’t know if I can put the URL here or not. My webpage is Jann’s PA Dutch Kitchen, so you can probably find it, if you google it or me. My name was: Janice Knight, and I lived in Lititz back then. I doubt that anyone here remembers me, but I do like reading all your info and stories. BTW, the braceman I remember was Mr. Teufel.

    • Jim Bryson says:

      Thanks for the web site reference. I’m looking for a Dr. in Lancaster, PA that might know (anything) about PPS. Most of the info I’ve learned is from a book mentioned by Barbara Ranck Neral called “The Polio Paradox” by Dr. Richard L. Bruno.

      • Gary Wehr says:

        Hi Jim, Thanks for all your wonderful references/memories from your hospital stays. I was first admitted in 1954 at the age of 5 with paralytic polio from the waist down. My left leg recovered 100%. Can’t say the same for my right leg. I share all of your memories. I was wondering why you are looking for a dr. who may know about PPS? Do you have it, or, do you have concerns of getting it? I have concerns of my own. Now 64, my right leg seems to be weakening. I try to keep in good shape without overtaxing my leg. Barbara already has told me not to worry, but I can’t help but be concerned.

        • Jim Bryson says:

          Gary Wehr,

          We may have raced wheelchairs if our times there coincided. I looked at the pictures & don’t recognize anyone; perhaps because I’m 4 years younger than you.
          Don’t know if I have PPS & it’s difficult finding a Dr. who is knowledgeable. I recommend talking to your Dr. about your symptoms & reading “The Polio Paradox”.

          • Gary Wehr says:

            Hi Jim, our time could have coincided as I was in and out of Etown for 4 years total, but 4 years is a big difference in age at that point. I think that most of the guys I raced against were closer to me in age. I hope and pray that you do not have PPS and that you will never have to worry about it. Good luck in your search for a good dr. I have a friend who is a research scientist from New York City. She has a lot of contacts. Would you like me to ask her if she knows someone with this knowledge? You would probably have to go to NY, I won’t do anything unless you give me permission to ask her.

          • Gary Wehr says:

            Jim, I went online and found a PPS resource site dedicated to locating PPS medical professionals. I think you said that you live in Lancaster, well I found a possible resource for you in Reading, PA. I know that is within driving distance for you. The doctors name is Patti J. Brown, MD with the HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Reading. The number provided is 610-796-6354. It could be worth a phone call. I hope that this is helpful.

  15. Jim Bryson says:

    Barbara Ranck Neral,
    August, 4th was my first dance with the devil as Polio always ran rampant in late summer. I lived at 118 N. Mary St. between Orange & Chestnut Sts. George Celia owned the shoe repair shop right across the street & would sit groceries on our porch for my family during the quarantine period.
    No mention of a Joy Scavone on the website; I heard of ScRUMptious Rum Cakes on Food Network. It’s likely the same business.
    I haven’t heard the name Scotty Copenhaver in 50+ yrs. yet it sounds very familiar to me.
    Thanks for recommending the book “The Polio Paradox”. Reading it, I can see my past & future at the same time.

    Barbara, I share with you, Glenn & all on this site a 2014 New Year Wish: May Good Health, Good Luck, Friends & Happiness Be With You Always!

    • scootercpm says:

      Hello Jim. I just found this website and I recognize your name as somone I knew at Etown. I also was a Polio patient there in the 50′s and 60′s. You have a much better memory than I do to rememebr all the names. Thanks for jogging mine. As soon as I can get some photo’s or news clippings, I’ll post them. I must do some reading to catch up on all the older posts. Till then, take care.

      Scott Copenhaver

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