I was there 1935-1939

I received a letter from a woman who read the article about the Elizabethtown Crippled Children’s Hospital- she is in an assisted living home and does not have access to a computer.   According to her letter, she was a tuberculosis of the spine patient at the hospital from Aug. 1935 until Dec. 1939. Her name is Phyllis M. Stauffer.   I don’t know if you would be able to help her be in contact with anyone from her time at the hospital, but she did ask that I forward her information to you. If you were somehow able to send her copies of the photos you have on the site, she would probably really enjoy that.      Anyway, her information follows:     Phyllis M. Stauffer


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The “Mission and Vision” that developed this web site concerns others still living. With this site, both patient and staff, will be able to post and hopefully reconnect with someone that made an impression in their life. This web site is just a start and will probably evolve over the next few years.

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