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Hi all.

I’m happy to see this website. I was a patient at the hospital for extended periods between 1955 and 1964.

After reading some of the posts, memories started to return.

I have some pictures to add later.

Hope to hear from anyone from this period.

Don S

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  1. minicatwoman says:

    I spent time at Etown hospital from 1959 to1964 in ward 13 .I would like to hear from anyone who was there during that time.I know some first names and what they were there for.I was there for a hip diesease.One of my friends name was Jeanie,she had cerebral palsy.One was name Gigi Gerocamo don’t know if the last name is spelled right ,she had polio and a girl named Debbie she,had Rumatoid arthritis really bad every part of her body was quite swelled.I remember any time we would make her laugh she would pee her pants and a couple of girls who were walking would hurry up and get her wet undies off,put dry ones on and throw the wet ones in trash so,the nurses wouldn’t find out and punish her.I can still see her as though it was yesterday she was severely cripple with that horriable diesease.I’m sure she was in a lot of pain and lived a short life.These are the only ones I remember with any certainty being that was 57 yrs ago.After reading some of the stories they brought so many memories back and loved looking at the pictures.I got to tour the hospital in 1999 when I had to pick up my medical records before a hip replacement.It looked the same and brought so many memories back .

  2. tandem3 says:

    Gwyn (Laudenberger) Millhouse
    I am so glad I came across this site…. the pictures and words bring back so many memories. I do have some pics I can share with you later. I was the March of Dimes poster child of 1961. Spent many years in E-town Hospital 1960-1967 and most of them were good memories. Even went to 3rd grade there (sometimes in a bed)

  3. Joan Repasch (Raynes) says:

    I have pictures to put on here when I dig them out.

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