Our first steps

We take our first steps, first in life, our next steps help us reach a destination.  This web site is in developing stages.  To reach our destination I need your advice and recommendations.  Our goal is to a website that will help people

As you look over the site, please send me your comments and suggestions and I will take them into consideration.  The ability to send information can be found on the “Contact” page.

The WordPress platform (the format this site is built upon) is new to us and we have much to learn.  Advice and help accepted!

Have a Great Day,

Glenn Henry




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The "Just Chat" heading is simply just chat.  A comment or reply that does not need a specific topic or subject can beposted on this page. 

A series of Forums/Topics can be found under the "Discussions" heading. These topics have been established to allow the visitor to post a question or comment under a specific section.  The person posting has the option to subscribe to that topic and will be notified by e-mail of any new posts.  Visitors can subscribe to the entire forum and catch any new posts.              

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The reconnect information can include any information that you wish to post.

Henry, Glenn Etown 1966-69
Wards 14 & 16

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 PA Dept corrections

 The building once home to the hospital
is now a training facility for the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.