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Barbara (Ranck) Neral

Barbara Rank Neral

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Elizabethtow Miscellany

in the years the Elizabethtown Hospital operated many pictures were taken. This gallery includes many of these miscellaneous photos. I hope you find one that brings you a good memory.

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Oribe, Jose (The patient)

I was at the Children's Hospital in my early years. I started around 1937 and stayed until 1941 for my first session. I was released for two years and was sent for to continue surgery and treatment for another three years from 1943 through 1946. I think that they had at that time discovered the sulfa drugs and penicillin during the war and now there was hope to cure my infections and bone disease.

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Oribe, Jose (concert 1970)

I am now 78 years old and still doing business as a luthier/classical guitar maker. I had many opportunities to visit the hospital and my school teachers, Miss Klienbauer and Miss Dohner. I had actually sponsored a concert for the children in 1970 with a great guitarist who was on a concert tour around the U.S.

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Lobby Pictures

Many former patients of Etown Hospital remember drab hospital walls. 
The walls today are adorned with many student awards, certificates, and photos.

On our visit a few frames of
hospital pictures were viewed. 
An attempt to obtain higher resolution
scan of these pictures is underway.
Until then, enjoy some of the lower
resolution pictures by clicking the
image below.

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