Ward 14 1964-1965

Hello, My name is Richard Ogurcak and would like to know if anyone knows any of the  several boys who were in the ward during my time there and where they are?

Roger Miller

Marvin Hawkins

Lee Spangler

Jimmy Jetson

Bradly Smith

Barry Fisher

These are a few of the names that I can remember at this time.


Thank you ,




I was in Ward 26 from 1960-1961 and Ward 24 form 1964- Was raised in Lebanon Co. near the town of Jonestown and now live in the Williamsport PA area.

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  1. Timmyb says:

    Hi Richard, I hope you see this post. My name is Tim Bentz and I was there between 1963-1965 and again 1967 both times on ward 14. I do remember you, Hawksey and a guy named Terry Gates. I’ve often wondered what happened to him since he was there for many,many years. I would like to hear from any of you out there if possible.
    Email: dllcltr400@gmail.com

  2. dag23 says:

    Hi Richard,

    I’m sorry I do not remember you specifically, but I was there at that same time. Roger Miller was a great friend and co-trouble maker during our time there. Marvin Hawks (Hawksey) was another that I remember well. Lee Spangler came later I believe and I have fond memories of a sweet kid named Lee Lee Gordon. My name is David Gildea (the kids called me Gil).

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